American Stabbed Outside Of Embassy In Cairo

1:15 UPDATE: The American stabbed at the US Embassy in Cairo has been identified as Christopher Stone. The victim as an academic fellow at the American Research Center in Egypt – ARCE. Stone was at the embassy to complete some paper work for his wife. The knife-wielding attacker reportedly approached him and questioned him multiple times about his nationality. The unemployed attacker ultimately stabbed Stone in the neck.

An American man was stabbed outside of the US Embassy in Cairo. The man was quickly transported to a nearby hospital. An Egyptian official stated than a individual wielding a knife attacked the man who was standing next to the embassy. A motive for the Cairo embassy stabbing in not yet known.

The assailant was arrested and is currently being questioned by law enforcement officers. The identity of the United States citizen has not yet been released. The physical condition of the Cairo embassy stabbing victim is also unknown. The American embassy is located in Garden City, a centralized neighborhood in Cairo.

Violent crime has increased in Egypt over the past several years, according to The Blaze. Despite the reported uptick in assaults and rape since Hosni Mubarak’s regime fell, stabbings are not common. Anti-American incidents have occurred near the US Embassy in Cairo in the recent past.

On September 11, 2012, thousands of Salafis converged upon the area during a protest. The participants reportedly attacked the buildings walls, scaling high enough to rip down the American flag and replacing it with an Islamic banner. The September protest was allegedly fueled by a video about the Prophet Muhammad. Later that same evening, the US Embassy in Libya was attacked, resulting in the deaths of four Americans.

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