Doctor Allegedly Waterboards Girlfriend Over Facebook Post

Miami, FL – A South Florida plastic surgeon was accused on Wednesday of aggravated battery on his girlfriend which included continuous waterboarding after an argument last month over… a Facebook post.

Police say that 41-year-old Orlando Llorente attacked girlfriend Leeanne Sauma for several hours, shoving her head into a toilet and stuffing her mouth with a rag. Llorente also allegedly waterboarded her continually until she lost consciousness.

The attack lasted roughly 16 hours in total, and Llorente has been charged with one count of attempted murder and kidnapping.

“He became enraged, grabbed her by the hair, took her into the bathroom, and not only stuck her head inside the toilet, but then put her in the tub and was able to get a rag and stuff it down her mouth,” said Miami police spokeswoman Kenia Reyes.

Llorente also threatened to kill Sauma, punched her in the face several times, slammed her head on the bathroom floor, and shoved a wet rag in her mouth, covering her nose, so as to suffocate her.

The attack was apparently over a Facebook post, but police would not go into detail as to what the post entailed. The only “Leeanne Sauma” on Facebook in Miami, Florida has a restricted profile, but a few pictures of a muscular man wearing a loin cloth are visible on her timeline from just before the April 21 attack. Whether it is her profile or whether those images have anything to do with the attack is purely speculative.

Llorente’s attorney Marcos Beaton issued a statement to CBS4, saying:

“Dr. Llorente voluntarily surrendered to authorities… and is resolute on clearing his name. He reached out to law enforcement, through his lawyers, when these false allegations surfaced. We are disappointed that our requests for more time in which to present a thorough and thoughtful examination into the source of the allegations and the facts surrounding them was declined.”

Sauma only suffered minor injuries despite the marathon attack, and apparently promised Llorente that she wouldn’t tell anyone what happened in return for her freedom, said police.

[Image via: PiXXart / Shutterstock]