Nancy Grace Parking Lot Interview Goes Viral

Nancy Grace’s parking lot interview has gone viral. The clip features Grace and Ashleigh Banfield. The two women were both in the same parking lot. However, the discussion was presented on a split-screen.

It was clear that the entire “satellite” interview was filmed in the same location. CNN viewers pointed out the bizarre arrangement, as the same vehicles were visible behind both women.

As reported by The Atlantic Wire, the women were on two different networks. However, they are both owned by the same parent company. Traditionally, split-screen interviews or discussions are used when people are in two completely different locations.

The Nancy Grace parking lot interview has gone viral, as the two women could have easily walked a few feet to appear in the same shot.

Grace and Banfield were both in Phoneix covering the Jodi Arias trial, and verdict. The trial has gained national attention as Arias was accused of brutally stabbing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander multiple times.

In addition to the brutality, the case gained attention as the sordid details of the couple’s unconventional sex life became public knowledge.

Arias contends that Alexander was emotionally and sexually abusive, in addition to being a pedophile. She claims that she killed him out of self-defense.

As reported by International Business Times, the jury found Arias guilty of first degree murder. Nancy Grace, who has relentlessly and emotionally covered the entire trial, expressed her relief following the verdict.

Grace discussed the verdict via Twitter. The number of comments mentioning Grace’s reaction caused her name to go viral.

Arias, who was apparently sending updates to Twitter from her jail cell, responded to Grace’s comments throughout the trial. However, the account was recently shut down.

CNN has not offered an explanation concerning the Nancy Grace parking lot interview. It is not often that a network chooses to use a split screen to display the conversation of two people standing in the same location.

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