Lee David Clayworth Claims Ex Destroyed Him Online

Lee David Clayworth Claims his ex-girlfriend destroyed his life, stalking him online for years. Clayworth, age 35, and Lee Ching Yan, age 29, ended their relationship in 2009. However, Clayworth claims the scorned woman will not leave him alone.

The couple met in Malasia where Clayworth was working as a teacher. Their relationship lasted around six months before Clayworth realized it was not working. When he ended the relationship, he claims Yan stole his personal belongings and used them to destroy his life.

As reported by MSN News, Yan proceeded to use Clayworth’s computer to hack into his e-mail and Skype accounts, sending derogatory messages in his name. Clayworth states that some of the messages stated that he was “having sex with underage students.”

Clayworth did a Google search for his name and found that Yan posted information on multiple websites. As reported by Daily Mail, Yan’s posts accuse Clayworth of being a child molester and a pedophile, questioning his suitability as a teacher.

Yan is also accused of using nude photos, stored on Clayworth’s computer, to humiliate him.

Clayworth states that the online assault led to the loss of his job and has prevented him from finding further employment.

Lee David Clayworth eventually filed criminal charges against Yan in Malaysia. The High Court of Malaya in Kuala Lumpu found Yan guilty and sentenced her to prison. However, she fled the country after the decision and remains at large.

Despite the decision of the Malaya court, Clayworth states that Yan has destroyed his life using the internet. The posting to social media and other websites has continued. Additionally, Clayworth is having trouble getting the derogatory postings removed.

As the lawsuit was won in Malaysia, many websites do not recognize the court order.

Clayworth has considered changing his name but states:

“I look at that as … why do I have to give up my identity … some people might say that my identity is already given up in a way, but … I shouldn’t have to do that.”

Lee David Clayworth continues cleaning up the mess that resulted from the breakup. The derogatory information may never be fully removed. However, by telling his story, he may have a chance of clearing his name to some degree.