Lauren Conrad Could Be “The Problem”

Finally someone said what I’ve been dying to hear about Lauren Conrad. If you take a look at The Hills, she’s got a revolving door of drama that shifts from Heidi to Spencer to Justin Bobby to Audrina to Doug to Stephanie Pratt to even her bestest friend Lauren “Lo” Bosworth. Has nobody told her to her face that “It’s not me, it’s you?” Well, David Letterman kind of stepped up to the plate.

When Lauren stopped by Letterman last night, she made the crucial error of saying that it wasn’t just Heidi Montag she was having problems with, but “a little bit of everyone.” Nice. Letterman countered by asking her “Who is it? Maybe you’re the problem.” Pause at 1:20 for the most uncomfortable look ever as she contemplates her response.

And then he kind of accidentally calls her an idiot. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, because it’s pretty rare that someone rags on LC– to her face, that is. The sheer novelty made me love it, especially when we get a dash of Brody insulting to go along with it!