Natalie Maines Break-Up Denied: Singer Not Splitting From Dixie Chicks (Or Her Husband)

Is Natalie Maines breaking up with her band, the Dixie Chicks?

The arrival of Maines’ debut solo album, Mother, seems to have sparked fresh rumors that the Chicks’ lead singer is calling time on the band. More bizarrely, there’s even been speculation about her marriage and a possible divorce from hubby Adrian Pasdar.

So good news for the Dixie Chicks and Mr. Pasdar: Maines isn’t breaking up from any of you.

The 38-year-old musician addressed the rumors in a May 8 interview with The Hollywood Reporter. While she admitted the Dixie Chicks were “not a priority,” Maines insisted the band is very much alive:

“The Dixie Chicks still exist. The music still exists. I am open to playing live shows. It’s fun. You know, I remember Glenn Frey told me once that he wished the Eagles had never officially broken up. He looks back at that as kind of a silly thing to do. I always thought people broke up so they could make money on their comeback tour. That just always seemed like kind of a shady showbiz move to me.

“So unless they want to get a new lead singer or there’s some big change, I don’t see any purpose in that. To me, we’re the Dixie Chicks. We’ll always be the Dixie Chicks.”

D’awwww. With her band covered, Maines then moved on to her marriage. On the subject of her home life, she told the Reporter:

“It’s important to both of us that our kids are raised by us and not other people. Working seems more important to him, as far as completing him, and I don’t have that same thing. I like being a mom and taking care of the house and doing all of that, so it doesn’t feel like a big sacrifice. If I’m working and then he gets a job and leaves, that doesn’t work for me. If my kids end up really messed up, I want to make sure I only have myself to blame.”

So there we go: It seems a Natalie Maines break-up is definitely not on.