Horrible Obama Photoshop Published By South Korean News Agency

A questionable Barack Obama Photoshop has been doing the rounds since Tuesday, courtesy of South Korean news agency Yonhap.

Perhaps taking inspiration from their media colleagues in the North, the news outlet published the image alongside a story about South Korean premier Park Geun-hye meeting President Obama.

The picture was later removed, but The Atlantic was quick to swoop on the amusing Park-Obama Photoshop, which purports to show the two world leaders shaking hands at the White House.

It’s a fairly risible effort, and calls to mind the infamous Photoshopping habits of North Korea’s KCNA news agency; earlier this year, the North’s state-run outlet pasted a few extra hoverboats into a scary-looking military image.

Apparently, the entire Korean peninsula sucks at this stuff.

The Atlantic notes that Yonhap may have formed its unconvincing ‘shop from an image of Park meeting UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday.

What’s most peculiar about the Park-Obama Photoshop is that there was actually tons of genuine images of Park and Obama chumming it up at their White House encounter — some of which even featured the pair shaking hands.

But instead, Yonhap reached for the Photoshop, and we all know how that can end (least of all me).

Pyongyang, you have some competition.