Charlie Brown Voice Actor Sentenced To One Year In Jail For Stalking

San Diego, CA — Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins was sentenced today in California Superior Court to one year in jail for stalking and threatening and will be allowed to serve the term in drug rehab rather than in a lock-up.

Peter Robbins, 66, the voice of the beloved Peanuts character created by Charles M. Schulz, pleaded guilty last month to charges in connection with an alleged pattern of harassment aimed at former girlfriend Shawna Kern as well as a plastic surgeon who performed a procedure on Kern for which Robbins paid.

Robbins, who was a former child actor, apologized to both of them in court today at the sentencing hearing. According to prosecutors, Robbins called Kern repeatedly over a 24-hour period threatening to kill her and her son over the return of a dog and car. He apparently also menaced the surgeon when he demanded a refund for Kern’s breast enhancement. For a time, the doctor was even forced to live in hotel and hire a bodyguard.

The actor had been behind bars since January when he was arrested on several felonies. As part of the sentence, Robbins will on probation for five years and must undergo treatment for domestic violence and stalking. San Diego Judge Dwayne Moring also ordered him to pay the surgeon $15,000 and stay away from her for at least 10 years.

A violation of the terms of his probation could land Robbins in jail for four years. Robbins told the judge that entering rehab for alcohol and prescription drug abuse would enable him to eventually one again become a “fun-loving person.”

Using plain language to summarize the legal consequences, the judge told Robbins “Don’t be a blockhead,” in reference to a favorite saying of the Lucy character in the Peanuts series.

Robbins was the original voice of Charlie Brown in several Peanuts television specials through the 1960s.