Cheese And Onion Chocolate Bars Actually Not Bad, Says Twitter

“Gee, I could really go for a cheese and onion chocolate bar today.” That’s exactly what you said when you woke up this morning, right? Right? Well, you dreams have come true. Such a thing really does exist and by some reports, they’re actually not that bad.

We’re not sure if Tayto’s cheese and onion chocolate bars deserve a medal for innovation or if they’re just evidence that mankind is, by and large, completely out of fresh ideas, but if the title piqued your somewhat nauseous interest, then the Irish candy company has done its job.

Believe it or not, the company actually started making these bars by request. They’ve already sold out of the 100,000 bars they originally made to meet the request, too. Probably because they never imagined they’d need more than 100,000 to satisfy the curiosity of their followers on Twitter.

Well, they were wrong.

Tayto boss Eamon Eastwood said that customers have already reacted pretty strongly to the bars which, as you have probably put together by now, are flavored with cheese and onion.

“I couldn’t believe the reaction,” he said. “It went off the Richter scale with almost half a million impressions.”

He explained that the bar offers a “crunchy chocolate” taste with a “lingering taste of cheese of onion.”

Let’s find out how the bars are faring on Twitter, shall we?

On the other side, and in the interest of journalistic integrity:

Are you bold enough to try one of Tayto’s cheese and onion chocolate bars?

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