Seth MacFarlane ‘Simpsons’ Episode Will Close Season 24

A Seth MacFarlane Simpsons episode has been given an earlier air date than expected, according to a Wednesday report from The Wrap.

The episode will be entitled “Dangers on a Train,” and will find MacFarlane voicing a married swinger named Ben, who befriends Marge Simpson, the series matriarch, on a swingers website.

Of course, Marge doesn’t know it’s a swingers website. According to the website, she “mistakes an Ashley Madison-type website for a Dolly Madison-esque site about cupcakes and develops a bond with Ben after discovering that they are both fans of a Downton Abbey-type series titled Upton Rectory.”

Comedian Lisa Lampinelli will provide the voice for Ben’s wife.

The first half-hour of season 24’s swan song will be entitled “The Saga of Carl,” and will follow Homer, Lenny, Moe, and Carl in the aftermath of a $200,000 four-way-split victory in the Springfield Lottery. Complications ensue when Carl ditches the gang (with winnings) to his home country, Iceland.

(Entertainment Weekly added that the finale air date will be May 19.)

MacFarlane has been a workhorse for Fox over the years, creating and doing voice-work for The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and, the one that started it all, Family Guy. Amazingly enough, however, there has never been a Seth MacFarlane Simpsons episode until now.

Originally planned for the 25th season of the popular animated sitcom, the network decided it would work better as part of an hour-long finale.

The fact that it’s taken this long to make a MacFarlane connection is a testament to 24 years of the show’s creativity and its ability to mine content from popular culture at will.

How much longer cast and crew can keep it up is anyone’s guess, but with Justin Bieber recently announced for an upcoming episode and another full season ahead, the future looks bright (though not so much for a sequel to The Simpsons movie.)

As for the Seth MacFarlane Simpsons episode, how excited are you to see the Family Guy funny-man go all-in with Springfield?

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