October 21, 2016
Amish Beard Cutter Sentenced To 15 Years

Amish Beard Cutter, Samuel Mullet Sr., has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Mullet has been called the ringleader of an Amish "cult" that attacked nine community members in 2011.

The Amish believe, according to the Bible, married women are to let their hair grow out and men are to do the same with their beards. Mullet and his group attacked and forcibly removed the hair and beards of several Amish men and women as a form of "punishment." Over a three month period the group of seventeen was accused of attacking nine men and women in their Amish community.

Mullet and his fellow Amish beard cutters were arrested in a raid that was the result of an FBI investigation. The attacks were charged as hate crimes due to the religious aspects involved. As reported by the Huffington Post, Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla pointed out that the attacks had a negative impact on the entire Amish community:

"You've got Amish all over the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania and Indiana that are concerned. We've received hundreds and hundreds of calls from people living in fear. They are buying Mace, some are sitting with shotguns, getting locks on their doors because of Sam Mullet."
As reported by News Channel 5, Mullet seemed calm and ready to face the judge's decision. He spoke to the judge before his sentencing, admitting that he was prepared to "take the punishment for everybody." He also pointed out that hes is suffering from health related issues and may not "be here much longer."

Although prosecutors had hoped that Mullet, age 67, would spend the rest of his life in prison, the judge sentenced him to fifteen years.

The other sixteen Amish beard cutters in Mullet's group are currently awaiting sentencing.

[Image via Fotopedia]