Liam Gallagher’s M&M: Oasis Singer Slams ‘F—ing’ Candy That Tried To Kill Him

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher doesn’t deny himself any hedonistic pleasure his heart desires, so it seems strange that what with a full karmic dance card and everything, he’d nearly be killed by a humble M&M.

But that’s exactly how it happened last month. Liam Gallagher’s M&M, blue and of the peanut variety, sent him spinning into anaphylactic shock last month.

Gallagher has since been diagnosed with a life-threatening nut allergy after popping the blue M&M during a hotel stay.

Now, the Oasis founding member has to carry an injection pen with him everywhere he goes just in case he accidentally consumes anything with nut in it, reports The Sun.

At the launch of The Red House restaurant in London, Gallagher slammed the M&M, saying: “I’ve done some stuff over the years but never, never did I think a f****** blue M&M would be the thing that could have killed me. I was in a hotel on holiday and got in about the mini bar.

“I was bored and hungry, so it’s what you do, man. I’ve always liked M&Ms so I got into them. I had a blue one.

“My mouth started to swell up and I could feel it tightening my throat, man. I had to go to the docs and get it checked out straight away.

“It happened again a couple of weeks after and now I’ve got to carry a syringe about with me in case of emergencies. Proper Pete Doherty gear.”

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[Image via: Will Fresch, Wikimedia Commons]