June 17, 2013
Arizona Boyfriend Killing: Defendant Claims She Once Awoke To Find Boyfriend Raping Her

The Arizona boyfriend killing case took a turn on Monday when defendant Jodi Arias testified that she once awoke to find the victim having sex with her.

The 32-year-old Arias is on trial for killing boyfriend Travis Alexander in June 2008. She faces the death penalty if convicted. The Arizona boyfriend killing case picked up Monday with more testimony from Arias, who last week testified that she killed her boyfriend in self defense after he attacked her.

Monday's testimony brought the revelation that Alexander once raped her, part of a string of evidence to paint him as a closeted sexual deviant. Arias said he was a domineering womanizer who often called her derogatory names and simply used her for sex during their five-month relationship.

Arias described a scene from May 2007 when she awoke to find Alexander on top of her, The Associated Press noted.

"He was on top of me, and had already penetrated and started having sex with me," Arias told jurors, adding that while she didn't tell him to stop, it made her uncomfortable because it went against Mormon beliefs of no sex before marriage..

Arias also said she felt partly to blame.

"I felt like I was partially responsible because I went to sleep next to him. I was wearing a T-shirt, cute shorts," Arias said. "I just felt like being in his bed, sleeping there, it wasn't entirely his fault, like maybe it was invited."

After initially claiming that Alexander was killed by masked intruders, Jodi Arias later changed her story to say that he attacked her and she feared for her life.

The Arizona boyfriend killing case still could have some turns, as KPNX's Chris Williams said Arias is also "prepared to accuse Travis of lewd acts while looking at pictures of young children." Arias would allegedly testify that she walked in to see her boyfriend masturbating to pictures of children.