Google Glass Ban Calls Smartglasses Dangerous, ‘An Invasion Of Privacy’

Google Glass ban calls are claiming the smartglasses developed by Google can be dangerous or even an invasion of privacy.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, before these proposed Google Glass bans, Google admitted they don’t know how Google Glass will be used to its full extent, but a Google’s Glass videos seem to focus on making pictures, photos, and live teleconferencing.

Augmented reality games will probably start to push the limits of smartglasses first, but there’s other technology that will be coming down the pipeline to transform how we use smart devices like Google Glass. The primary issue raised by Google Glass ban proposals is that smartglasses are always on. Unlike smartphones or cameras, this means that a Google Glass user could be recording or taking pictures without people even realizing it. Although, defenders of the Google Glass point out that smartphone usage is so common nowadays that covert recordings already happen without smartglasses even being involved.

This particular focus prompted the Google Glass ban in a Seattle bar before it was ever released. Even strip clubs are already implementing a Google Glass ban to prevent their dancers from being recorded.

Some people have already created a Google Glass ban petition on the White House’s We The People website. They are calling on President Obama to implement a Google Glass ban because of the devices potential to “invade privacy.” David Streitfeld, a Los Angeles privacy lawyer, claim the Google Glass bans are “just the beginning. Google Glass is going to cause quite a brawl.”

Politicians in West Virginia have already created a Google Glass ban bill because of the potential for distracted driving. The Google Glass ban bill is compared to existing laws that make it illegal to talk or text on a smartphone while driving. Studies on the potential dangers of using the Google Glass while driving have not been done yet, but Representative Gary Howell says he would “like to invite Google to provide a demonstration and explain if they will have some type of feature that will turn off everything.”

What do you think of the Google Glass bans being proposed so far?