Demi Lovato Blonde Again, Whoo Hoo [Photo]

Demi Lovato’s blonde again, but it isn’t to promote the upcoming release of her fourth album, Demi. On Tuesday, the X Factor judge made time to appear for a children’s mental health awareness event being sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Check out a photo tweeted from that event down below.

You might think that Lovato already has a jam-packed schedule. On Monday afternoon and well into the evening, she did a Twitter promotion to unlock sneak previews of songs on the upcoming album for her fans. At one point, as many as 100,000 tweets an hour came in to encourage Lovato to open the songs.

However, the star has openly struggled with mental health issues herself, and she wanted to attend the event in Washington D.C. to raise awareness of the need to help young people struggling with issues like addiction, eating disorders, and self injury. In addition to just showing up looking absolutely beautiful in the blonde hair and crisp white outfit, she spoke candidly to share her message of hope.

I’ve sometimes criticized her style, but the choices she made for this appearance were right on the mark.

The sleek blonde coif reflected a new sense of control in Lovato’s life.

She frequently appears as a brunette, and there’s no denying that darker hair also looks good with her coloring. However, the lighter color seems to reflect more light on her already youthful face, to give her a healthy, fresh look that enhances the power of her pro-mental health message.

The lives of so many stars seem to suggest that treatment doesn’t work. The multiple rehab stints undergone by Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Mueller, both of whom are currently undergoing in-patient treatment, are discouraging.

That makes the message of hope from Demi Lovato, blonde or not, especially valuable.

[Demi Lovato blonde photo by S_Bukley via Shutterstock]