Rush Limbaugh Complains Kidnap Victims Might Get ‘Welfare’

As the nation rejoices about the dramatic Cleveland rescue of three captive women, Rush Limbaugh is worried welfare will be given to a child also recovered healthy from her captors in what has to be the most cynical and disgusting reaction to a best case scenario kidnapping.

Rush Limbaugh was discussing how kidnap victims Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michele Knight were freed after years of imprisonment in a Cleveland home, and somehow managed to extrapolate a connection between their horrific plight and President Obama, welfare, and Hawaii Five-O. Really.

Despite any logical connection between the three, Limbaugh began frothing at the mouth about “double welfare benefits,” ostensibly begrudging assistance to a woman and her child after what is one of the most unimaginable ordeals a human can experience thankfully ended.

Limbaugh huffs:

“But as it so happens, I happened last night to watch Hawaii Five-0 on CBS … Hawaii Five-O‘s premise last night was kidnapped girls held until they were 18 and then let go or killed — well, always killed — by a couple doing it for the welfare benefits.”

The radio host continues:

“Now I don’t know what happened in Cleveland, but I couldn’t help but make the connection. I mean, if everybody else in the low-information crowd is going to use what happens on TV for reality, why can’t I?”

Inexplicably, he goes on to surmise:

“Three brothers, but not related the the three women, have been arrested in Cleveland — which voted Obama. Not that that’s got anything to do with anything!”

Below is a full link of Limbaugh’s bizarre rant about the Cleveland kidnapping. Do you think it’s even appropriate to mention “welfare” when four lives have been saved in Ohio against all odds?