Justin Bieber Fined For Speeding In Dubai [Report]

Justin Bieber was reportedly fined this week for speeding in Dubai.

The singer, who has had a bit of a rough week, ended his stay in the Gulf City with a series of speeding tickets.

Dubai newspapers quoted a police official who said that Bieber was fined for speeding past several checkpoints in the Gulf city. The singer, who was driving a white Lamborghini, was eventually pulled over by an officer and given a ticket.

Bieber hasn’t commented on the fine yet.

Beiber’s weekend in Dubai started with a bizarre incident on stage. The singer was attacked hugged aggressively by a fan on stage before security guards intervened. The singer’s piano was knocked over during the skirmish and the concert was briefly halted.

Bieber returned to the stage, however, saying that the show must go on.

The singer wrote on Twitter: “Dubai. Nothing stops the show.”

Bieber’s stay in Dubai was definitely an eventful one but the singer is ready to move on. The next stop on the “Believe” tour is South Africa. The Inquisitr reported earlier today that the singer will be beefing up his security for the remainder of his tour.

Are you surprised that Justin Bieber was reportedly fined for speeding in Dubai? Do you think there will be more drama during his stay in South Africa?