Man Escapes Jail Using A Spoon

A man has escaped jail using a spoon. Oleg Topalov, age 33, managed to make a hole in the ceiling, at a maximum-security Russian prison, and escape. Officials report that the only tool available to the man would have been a spoon.

The Matrosskaya Tishina prison is considered heavily protected with small barred windows, thick walls, and a razor wire fence. Guards explain that prisoners and their belongings are searched regularly for contraband. They contend that Topalov must have used a spoon, which he was allowed to keep for meals.

As reported by France 24, prison guards concluded that Topalov climbed through the ceiling and onto the roof, eventually climbing over the barbed fencing surrounding the property.

Topalov is considered to be dangerous, as he is affiliated with a criminal gang. He was incarcerated on two counts of murder and illegal trafficking of firearms. He is said to have psychological issues, which may make him a danger to himself or others.

As reported by, Russia has issued a public warning to be on the lookout for the escaped prisoner. Additionally, they have deployed numerous law enforcement agencies in an attempt to track him down.

Escapee Oleg Topalov

Detectives are investigating whether Topalov had any help in his escape. He shared his cell with seven other prisoners, none of which left the cell. One investigator has concerns that prison staff assisted or contributed to the escape.They have expressed doubt that the man could escape jail using a spoon.

One investigator accused the staff of having a “dishonest or careless attitude to their work that was made use of by the prisoner Topalov.”

Matrosskaya Tishina prison, located in Moscow, was built in 1946. In the last 20 years, they have had three incidents of escape. Topalov became the fourth

Although it may seem impossible for anyone to escape prison using a spoon, investigators have not found any other tool that could have been used.

[Image via Flickr]