Lynn Shelton Loses Anne Hathaway To Christopher Nolan

This isn’t looking like the perfect 2013 for mumblecore director Lynn Shelton. As all of Hollywood knows by now, the director dropped out of Jane Got A Gun, for reasons we’re still not clear on, and now she lost a promising performance in Anne Hathaway to Christopher Nolan.

Shelton had originally scored Anne Hathaway in the lead role of her upcoming dark comedy Laggies. Now Hathaway has to drop out due to a scheduling commitments for Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi film Interstellar. While we’ve been teased about what Nolan’s film could be about, apparently that’s enough for Hathaway to stay on board and to pluck herself out of Lynn Shelton’s film.

As luck would have it, Keira Knightley has stepped in to take Anne’s role in Laggies, which will be a change for the actress, who is usually seen in period pieces. Last year the actress starred in Anna Karenina. This time around Knightley will play a modern woman in her 20s, who lies about a work retreat when proposed to. Due to her blunder the woman turns to advice from a 16-year-old girl (Chloe Moretz). In addition Sam Rockwell will also be in the film.

Knightley proves to be just as busy as Anne Hathaway. Over the weekend she married her musician-boyfriend James Righton, and is taking on new projects left and right. Up next she’ll be seen in director Kenneth Branagh’s version of Tom Clancy in Jack Ryan, and director John Carney’s Can a Song Save Your Life?

Now that the dust has settled on Anne’s Oscar win, the actress is carefully selecting what she attaches herself to. Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster sci-fi seems like a good fit for Hathaway. Keeping in mind the cast that already has Matthew McConaughey locked and Jessica Chastain circling around, it looks like an incredibly promising project.

Are you happy with Anne Hathaway’s replacement?

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