Lindsay Lohan Allowed Adderall In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is allowed to take the prescription drug Adderall during her stay in rehab.

Although rumors surfaced last month about her request to take the pills while she’s receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, these reports were eventually shot down. Apparently there was a bit of truth to the news after all.

Lindsay Lohan is believed to be taking Adderall for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Doctors at the Betty Ford Clinic are currently evaluating the drug’s effectiveness at the moment.

However, things could take a very dramatic turn if the doctors determine she doesn’t need her prescription. Should the doctors on-staff deciode that she doesn’t need Adderall, then it will be taken away from her.

According to TMZ, many people use the drug to help suppress their appetites. While there’s no word yet if Lindsay Lohan is using the pills for these purposes, physicians are currently examining the situation to see if she needs treatment for ADHD.

The first reports about Lindsay Lohan’s demand for Adderall while in rehab surfaced towards the beginning of April. The actress allegedly said that she would refuse to check into a facility if she wasn’t given access to the drug. However, these reports were soon denied by her lawyer.

“That was never a part of any discussion with the prosecutors or the court. That was never an issue we addressed,” Mark Heller explained at the time.

He continued, “Patients traditionally apprise facilities of what medications, if any, they’re prescribed, and after a full series of medical evaluations, each facility determines what medications, if any, are going to be allowed. This is never dictated by the patient. It’s always determined by medical staff who are well qualified.”

It’s currently unknown if the Mean Girls star will be able to continue taking the medication during her 90-day stay at the Betty Ford Center.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan should be allowed to take Adderall during her stay in rehab?

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