‘Saints Row 4’ Invites You To Meet Its Sociopathic Superhero President [Video]

Saints Row 4 invites you to meet its sociopathic superhero president.

A new trailer has been released for Saints Row 4 inviting you to “Meet the president,” and shows off just how over the top the gameplay scenarios will get. The sequel to the once gangster based series Saints Row takes the series in a new direction, going for reality-shattering gameplay rather than the serious vibes of its predecessors.

In Saints Row 4, you play as the President of the US one year after the events of Saints Row 3. An alien invasion has begun and you, as Commander-in-Chief, must fight them off with what appears to be super powers and weird and crazy weapons including a dildo bat and a head inflating gun. Steelport rings of the changes from Enter the Dominatrix, and Saints Row 4 pushes it right to the edge of ridiculous.

The trailer begins with the narrator, who sounds a lot like Optimus Prime of Transformers fame, telling us what’s going on as we see a profile of Earth from space. “In a time of national crisis, we need a Commander-in-Chief willing to kick politics … right in the balls.”

We see the President in a purple suit punting a man in the groin and sending him flying from a rooftop into a billboard which says, “Do not run, surrender yourself, friendly fire.” The sign has a target dummy and the man bounces right off the head of it and into the street below, where he is run over by an ambulance for a bit of extra ironic humor. This is likely to be the insane running theme in Saints Row 4.

We then see the President walking away from what appears to be a government building with Post Office drop boxes out front. Some dubstep music kicks in as we see the words on the screen, “The most powerful president ever.” Then we see him running along with huge sparks at his feet and jumping over a wall with a broken railing.

The rest of the video is above. Saints Row 4 is slated for an August 20 release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

What do you think of the Saints Row 4 trailer inviting you to “meet the president”?