March 20, 2019
Porn Actor Arrested For Breaking Into Firehouse To Masturbate On Gear

A 27-year-old porn actor found himself in a bit of a "pinch" at a Louisville fire station.

Nicolas Gonzales was arrested Saturday morning after breaking into a fire station and masturbating on fire gear he retrieved from lockers.

Firefighter Michael Davenport stumbled across Gonzales while he was pleasuring himself but said that the man was too involved in the act to even acknowledge his presence.

"He continued his lewd act and that's when I grabbed him by his shirt and drug him out," Davenport said.

According to The Huffington Post, police officers arrived on the scene and apprehended Gonzales for burglary, public intoxication, and criminal mischief.

When asked why he broke into the firehouse, Gonzales allegedly stated, "Because I wanted to."

Damage to the facility is estimated to be roughly $1,000.

Based on PinkNews, Gonzales is more than just your average neighborhood fire station masturbator.

Gonzales has been identified as a gay porn actor that works under the name "Donny Wright" and has appeared in some riveting films such as "Unglory Hole 2," "TSA Stripdown," and "Hot House Backroom 23."

The porn actor also confirmed his visit to Kentucky preceding his apprehension. Apparently no one cared, so he decided to rub his junk on some random fireman's equipment.