GameStop Will No Longer Trade In Your PlayStation 2

GameStop has announced it will cease all PlayStation 2 trade-ins with immediate effect.

The videogame retailer has confirmed that PS2 games, accessories, and systems can no longer be traded in at its stores. With the PlayStation 4 due out this year, we’re guessing there are some pretty crammed GameStop stockrooms out there.

The dim silver lining in this announcement? The retailer intends to keep selling PS2 stock at its stores for “several months” or until the remaining trade-in stock runs out.

In a statement handed to Engadget, GameStop says:

“We can confirm that as of June 1 we will no longer be accepting the PS2 console or its related product for trades. We know that the 12-year-old system is a popular one and for many gamers, GameStop is the only place to find a great selection of its games. We will still offer a wide selection of the PS2 hardware, accessories and games in many of our stores and online for several months, based on remaining stock from trades. We are very excited about the upcoming PS4 and are making room in our stores for it and other new platforms expected this fall.”

The PlayStation 2 will celebrate its 13th birthday in the US this year — some feat, as consoles go. Sony’s venerable platform first launched in 2000 and has gone on to become the best-selling home console ever.

If you have one lying around — and with 155 million PS2’s sold, who doesn’t? — it looks like eBay might be your best bet from now.

(Not that you should be trading in the trusty black brick – for a start, you’ve probably not played all of these.)

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