Mandy Matula Disappearance: ‘Person Of Interest’ Shoots Himself

Eden Prairie, MN – The Mandy Matula case took another twist over the weekend after a man police hoped to question over the 24-year-old’s disappearance passed away from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Minnesotan Mandy Matula was reported missing at 8:30 am Thursday morning, having been seen with ex-boyfriend David Marshall Roe at 1:30 am.

Police immediately declared Roe a “person of interest” who they would like to speak to, only for Roe to shoot himself in a parking lot outside the Eden Prairie police station on Thursday. He passed away from his injuries Saturday night.

Mandy’s father, Wayne Matula, told KARE11 his daughter had remained friends with ex-boyfriend Roe after they had split up last fall.

The search for Mandy Matula is continuing, and is now centered on an area around Miller Park in Eden Prairie, a city located roughly 20 miles southwest of Minneapolis.

On Saturday, searchers found what police described as “an unfired piece of ammunition,” and Wayne Matula confirmed to KARE11 that residents in the area had heard gunshots Wednesday night.

Authorities have not confirmed a link between Mandy Matula’s disappearance and the unused bullet.

It’s also known that Roe came to Matula’s home on Wednesday night to speak with Mandy. The pair sat in Roe’s parked car outside the family’s house. When Wayne Matula looked out to check on the two just minutes later, the car was gone.

The family spoke to Roe the next morning to try and locate their daughter, and the 24-year-old confirmed he and Mandy had argued, and that she had left his car at Miller Park.

Meanwhile, about 300 volunteers are continuing the search for Matula.