‘Sims 4’ Unveiled By Electronic Arts, ‘Always Online’ Requirement Absent

Sims 4 seems to indicate that Electronic Arts and Maxis have learned their lesson when it comes to including an always online requirement.

The companies previously teamed up on the newest release of SimCity. That version of the game did include always online requirement.

Among problems that arose from that requirement was the fact that the servers dedicated to the game crashed on launch day.

When the two companies unveiled their newest installment of this longstanding series, that requirement was noticeably left out.

While neither Electronic Arts or Maxis specifically said addressed that issue, they were quick to point out that this game will allow for single player and offline play.

Sims 4 is due out in 2014, though the exact release date hasn’t yet been divulged. This will be the first full scale version of the series since 2009.

EA has been releasing DLC pretty consistently over the last few years. There isn’t a ton of information about what kind of features this brand new game will offer.

Whispers have already started that Electronic Arts will start releasing information over the next couple of days and weeks.

The company did say that there would be some new features compared to the last installment. There is also talk that the graphics could get a bit of a revamp.

People who are loyal to the series are looking to see just a couple of tweaks here and there that would make interaction with their characters in the game that much better.

This is a massively popular series, that has sold more than 150 million copies world wide. One has to wonder how carefully EA and Maxis are going to be treading with this new installment.

Much like SimCity, this could be a game that gets the old time gamers back into the fold. It could also turn a lot of people off for good if it’s done wrong.

Does Sims 4 news get you excited or have you moved on from the series?