Westboro Baptist To Picket Jeff Hanneman Funeral? Probably Another Empty Threat

Everyone’s favorite hate group the Westboro Baptist Church has announced plans to picket the funeral of Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman. But given the group’s recent streak of failure to deliver promised hate demonstrations, we’re wondering if this threat should even be taken seriously.

Hanneman passed away due to liver failure at the age of 49 on Thursday, after which Westboro Baptist called on the faithful to picket the metal icon’s funeral.

Messages superimposed on a photo of Hanneman read: “Man’s job: Obey God,” and “God hates your idols” with hashtags #paying4it and #picketfuneral.

Slayer fans have already begun their counter-attack on Westboro Baptist, and many don’t seem to take the picket threat very seriously.

“Apparently the @WBCSays are gonna picket Jeff Hanneman’s funeral?” wrote one Twitter user. “Yeah, tell that to the thousands of Slayer fans that are gonna be there…”

You can fill in the blanks.

Westoboro Baptist has targeted the metal community in the past, picketing the funeral of vocalist Ronnie James Dio in June of 2010. For Hanneman’s funeral, they’re planning on using signs that parody Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” for unknown and/or stupid reasons.

In any case, if I had to lay down on the odds of WBC showing up to the funeral, I’d put $20 on the Slayer guitarist’s family and fans respectfully burying Hanneman in peace.

That’s a hard truth, right there.

More wise advice.

What do you think? Will Westboro Baptist Church show up to Jeff Hanneman’s funeral, of can we count them out of this one too? Seriously, I think they’re losing their edge.