Leafs’ Fan Knocked Out On His Birthday At Bruins Playoff Game [Video]

The Maple Leafs won 4-2 to even the series but a fan went down hard in the process.

A Toronto Maple Leafs’ fan was knocked out on his birthday after watching his favorite team on the road in Boston against the Bruins for Game 2 of their first round match-up on Saturday night.

Kyle Hay, of Oshawa in Ontario, Canada, made the trip to watch the Leafs’ even the series at one with a 4-2 victory over the Bruins but the loss didn’t sit well with one of their fans. After the game ended, Hay was sucker punched and knocked out cold by another man in attendance.

He later posted on Twitter that he laid unconscious on the ground for three to five minutes before waking up and being helped to the hospital. After it was all said and done, Hay had three staples in the back of his head, a swollen cheek, and a concussion.

The Bruins lose and in return a Leaf’s fan gets knocked out by an angry Bruins’ supporter who fled the scene and has yet to be found. Hay had absolutely no plans of getting sucker punched after the game Saturday night but he went down hard anyways and walked away as faithful to the Leafs as he was before.

It’s unknown whether he had it coming for him or not, but that doesn’t excuse the violence that occurred after what looks to be an exchange gone awfully wrong.

Kyle Hay spoke with theleafsnation.com, and has no recollection of the incident though he was wearing his Maple Leafs’ mask when he was struck.

“After the game I was blind-sided with a sucker punch while I had my mask on,” Hay said about the incident. “Honestly, I do not remember what happened.”

Here’s video of Hay on the ground after the sucker punch. It’s easy to see that he was knocked out cold.

Game 3 of the first round series is Monday night in Toronto as the Bruins look to regain control after losing 4-2 at home on Saturday. It’s unknown if Kyle Hay will be in attendance, but he would have tons of support from his fellow fans though it has to be awkward fpr a guy that is now known as the “Leafs’ fan who got knocked out in Boston.”