Woman Sues FedEx For Marijuana Delivery

A woman is suing FedEx for a marijuana delivery that apparently was left at the wrong house. The Plymouth, Massachusetts woman claims that the intended recipient appeared at her door to recover the package.

Maryangela Tobin has filed the lawsuit against FedEx, claiming that the misguided delivery was "disruptive," negligent, and caused her family "emotional distress." The package reportedly arrived close to the birthday of 11-year-old Lily Tobin and was thought to be a gift.

As reported by the Courthouse News Service, the family opened the package expecting to find a gift. Instead they found craft supplies and what they assumed was "potpourri." Upon closer inspection, Tobin discovered that the "potpourri" was actually close to seven pounds of marijuana.

Maryangela explained to her daughter that the package actually contained illegal drugs, not a birthday gift. The child reportedly burst into tears, fearing that she had inhaled the substance. The child was sent to her room as her mother contacted authorities.

As reported by Boston.com, the family's troubles did not end as the intended recipient showed up at their front door demanding the package. Maryangela is suing FedEx for the marijuana delivery and for violating the safety and privacy of her family. She contends that FedEx disclosed her address to the intended recipient.

Authorities provided extra patrols assigned to the Tobin home, and three people were arrested in connection with the package of marijuana. However, the family still fears retribution as "an unknown number of smugglers remain at large." Additionally, the family is reportedly fearful that those arrested will be released soon.

Tobin is suing FedEx for the marijuana delivery as the mistake has caused her family significant emotional distress. Officials at FedEx declined comment.

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