Filmmaker Claims Daniel Day-Lewis Can’t Do Comedy

Two-time Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis is known for tackling any role that comes his way. From making a giant leap as Lincoln in Lincoln, which earned him his second Academy Award to his turn in Gangs Of New York, Daniel Day Lewis is one of those widely respected actors known for his intense method acting. It seems like the actor can take any role on, but according to filmmaker Pedro Almodovar don’t expect Daniel Day-Lewis to make a comedy.

The filmmaker, who is currently doing promotion for his film I’m So Excited, expressed his thoughts on method actors, and said that he doesn’t believe most of them could take on a comedic role. Explaining to The Yorkshire Post, Almodovar went on to say:

“To me ‘Saturday Night Live’ seems like cabaret, the cradle for decades of the best American comics. The Actor’s Studio, however, with all the respect and admiration it deserves, seems just the opposite to me.”

So where does this leave method actors like Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix, within the comedy genre? Almodovar continues:

“I don’t know if Montgomery Clift ever actually tried it but I can’t imagine him. Or James Dean. Or Daniel Day-Lewis. I don’t debate his greatness but no matter how thin he is, Daniel Day-Lewis can’t manage to give the slightest sensation of lightness.”

This proves to be a unique take on Daniel Day-Lewis as he usually doesn’t have many doubters. In fact, earlier in the year most commented on Daniel Day-Lewis’ humor and overall humbled nature during his several times accepting different prestigious awards for his role in Lincoln.

Throughout the years different dramatic actors have taken on comedic roles. Although the term method is much looser than it was in James Dean’s day, actor James Franco has made turns from playing lovable pot dealer Saul Silver in Pineapple Express to playing Harvey Milk’s lover Scott Smith in Milk. The same for Charlize Theron in Monster and then later a dark comedic spin in Young Adult.

Do you think filmmaker Almodovar is current in his assumption about Daniel Day-Lewis and other method actors?