Plaxico Burress Sells Home To Pay Court Judgment

Plaxico Burress sells mansion to satisfy personal injury judgment

Plaxico Burress had to sell his mansion to pay a court judgment for a 2008 car crash, but in exchange he’s getting his driver’s license back.

Burress was ordered by a judge in 2012 to pay Alise Smith about $160,000 for neck and back injuries she suffered in the accident after he allegedly rear-ended her vehicle. A lien was subsequently placed against the residential property for the unpaid judgment. After the NFL wide receiver failed to pay up, a judge also decided to suspend his Florida license.

The Virginia Beach home belonging to Plaxico Burress was about to be put on the auction block to satisfy the judgment by court order, but Burress managed to sell the house first. He reportedly pocketed about $480,000, but part of that a chuck of that cash went to Smith. ” [Her]lawyer… just filed legal docs, acknowledging Plax finally made good on the money he owed her… so it’s a done deal.” As a result, Burress’ license was reinstated today.

It’s not like Plaxico Burress will out on the street after selling off his Virginia Beach home. Burress, the former New York Giant, stands to make over $900,000 if he makes the Pittsburgh Steelers roster in the upcoming NFL season. Burress began his career with the Steelers who drafted him in 2000 in the first round (8th overall pick) out of Michigan State University.

As The Inquistirpreviously reported, this wouldn’t be the first time Plaxico Burress got into some license trouble. In 2009, he was sentenced to jail pursuant to a plea bargain for about two years after he accidentally shot himself in the thigh in a Manhattan nightclub. It turned out that Burress did not have the proper license for the firearm he was carrying, violating New York’s stringent gun laws, which have become even more strict in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.