Hailee Steinfeld In Bathing Suit Catches Breeze

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Hailee Steinfeld's latest colorful swimsuit has the internet talking about her beauty, style, and toned physique. At 25, the actress has an impressive career resumé, including playing Kate Bishop on Disney +'s Hawkeye, and voicing Gwen Stacy in Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse.

Retro Cool

The two-in-one bathing suit merged a bikini and mono-strap one piece into one colorful retro dream. The 25-year-old leveraged the gleaming sun in the background to highlight her incredibly toned body – abs, arms, thighs, and legs.

Hailee completed her retro-themed look with a gold hoop earring and bold bangle complementing the ring in the center of her bathing suit.

She closes her eyes to feel the breeze blow her long brown hair as she flaunts hairless armpits. With a body like that, it's little wonder Hailee's favorite picture genre is sexy cool.

Check out the collection below


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Young Mogul In The Making

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Steinfeld's retro bathing suit is part of her collection with Francesca Aiello's Frankies Bikinis. In fact, you'll be surprised to learn this bikini picture isn't recent but a shot from her campaign in March last year. In the video, she serves up rooftop vacation goodness as she flaunts her beach-ready body, and everything has a retro theme.

In one shot, she's wearing a floral print blue and pink bikini with her hair puffed up – 70s style. Hailee even adds a chessboard and retro radio to complete the aesthetic.

Close Up

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Hailee's floral bikini has a headband that she wears in this shot alongside her big hoops. She ties her hair back, displaying a well-sculpted face covered in the 70s makeup, and even though her face is the focal point, her abs manage to steal some attention. It's impossible not to notice them when they're that toned, anyways. The star of the hour (colorful bikini) also has a close-up shot of Hailee in her Wonder Woman style cuffs.

Tomboy Chic

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There's something for everyone in Hailee's collection, even the not-so-girlie girls. This three-set bathing suit is a tomboy's dream, complete with an oversized short-sleeved shirt, bikini bra, and mini shorts. The soft pink palette blends with orange and green stripes to perfectly balance the feminine and masculine hues.

Hailee's picture transports you to a time when we listened to music on Vinyl records players, as she scatters some classics around. From Sade to Nina Simone. We love a millennial with eclectic taste. Check out more of Hailee's collection on her Instagram page below.