Kate Bosworth In Bikini Rides Horse On The Beach

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Kate Bosworth celebrates her 39th birthday in “Heaven on Earth” by riding a horse in a bikini. The actress shared her excitement with her Instagram fans in a series of posts showing her Equestrian skills. She also takes advantage of the beach to reference one of her classics Blue Crush.

This Is 39

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“This is 39,” the actress captions as she posts her blue bikini-clad body, and boy do we marvel. Her physique is very impressive as she flaunts perfectly toned thighs, abs, and arms – in fact, she has Great Form. It’s important to note this was Kate’s first birthday celebration as a single woman since her marriage of eight years.

Kate poses with a beach in the background spotting a bright smile as she rides a horse. The birthday girl wore protective sunshades but left her blonde hair untamed in the ocean’s breeze. It’s clear the Blue Crush actress has healed from the heartbreak of her separation. Enough of the sad reminiscing; let’s focus on the star of the show – Kate’s abs!

Still Surfing

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From her physique, it appears Kate never left her Blue Crush character Anne Marie on set. The actress is open about her love for fitness and exercises, saying she loves high-impact routines. Well, that’s one way to burn the fat and keep the pecs tight.

Knowing the importance of balance, Kate also indulges in low-impact workouts once or twice a week to rejuvenate. She revealed her routine to Women’s Health mag including tips for walking – leave your phone at home and connect with nature.

A Possible Sequel

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In 2020, the Blue Crush main cast celebrated 18 years of the cult classic in a virtual event. Sanoe Lake, Michelle Rodriguez, and Kate teased a possible sequel saying they could play the teachers this round.

They also discussed the possibility of the film positively influencing environmental neglect in the present world. Lake spoke on healing mother nature and contributing positively once more as they did in 2002.

Bring On The Dancing Horses

The birthday girl’s horse-riding could very well be a subtle promo of her new mini-series Bring on the Dancing Horses. She took to her Instagram to invite fans and friends to the watch premiere (Jan. 20 - 30) at the virtual Sundance Festival event. Normally, these festivals are exclusive, but thanks (or no thanks) to Covid, everyone can join the experience. Kate tells her fans that the cast made the film independently, which is no mean feat in Hollywood. Like she rightly said, it’s a huge deal to make one independent feature film talk less than ten episodes!