Bron Breakker On Why He's The Face Of NXT 2.0

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Chris Woolridge

Since WWE re-branded NXT as NXT 2.0 there has been one Superstar they have clearly been focussing the brand on. Bronson Rechsteiner is the name of the performer behind Bron Breakker. He recently defeated Tommaso Ciampa to become the new NXT Champion and few can argue that he is both the future and the present of the brand.

At some point, when WWE feels he's ready, he'll be moved to the main roster and given a shot to become a big-time star.

For now, he's the face of the new NXT. Scroll down to reveal why Breakker thinks he's in the role.

Bron Breakker Comments On Being The Face Of NXT 2.0

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Breakker is very young into his pro-wrestling career but he has picked things up quickly. Comparisons have been made to both Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey regarding the short-time it has taken him to look good in the ring.

According to comments Breakker would make to the Bleacher Report, it is his work ethic and attitude that have helped him get to where he is now.

"I'm not really one to toot my own horn," he said, "I don't really speak for myself, I let other people do that for me. I'm just focused on my coaching, my daily routine, waking up, being a fighting champion and representing this brand. I got to be a leader. I'm focused on daily practice, how I can get in the lab and be better. Take the coaching and the cues and everything I'm getting from the coaches here at the Performance Center and apply all that to be better."

Breakker also spoke about what it was like to have his father, Rick Steiner, in attendance for his NXT title win recently. Scroll down to reveal what he said.


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Bron Breakker On His Father Witnessing His NXT Title Win

Bron Breakker is the son of Rick Steiner and the nephew of Scott Steiner. With such a rich family background in wrestling, it's no wonder he has picked things up quickly. His father and uncle's voice can be heard in his promos and their skills witnessed in his wrestling style.

Breakker spoke to the Bleacher Report about what having his father in attendance for his title win meant.

"I didn't really know he was coming," he said. "I invited him down and said, 'Hey, do you want to come to the show?' He drove down and surprised me. He showed up and it was cool. It was the first time he's ever seen me work and getting to be a part of it in person. I got to cherish that with my dad and my brother was there, too. It's one of those things you never forget."

Scroll down to reveal what Rick Steiner has said about his son's wrestling career.

Rick Steiner Comments On His Son's Success

Rick Steiner spoke to Sports Illustrated about his son's wrestling career.

“I hope he’s even more successful than myself and his uncle. We had such a special time traveling the road as brothers, but this tops all of that. This is his time and his chance to carry the torch,” said Steiner. He continued, “Watching that match was one of the best moments of my life. As his father, I couldn’t be prouder, and so is our whole family.”

Scroll down to reveal possible reasons why WWE does not refer to Bron Breakker being a Steiner.

WWE Not Mentioning That Bron Breakker Is A Steiner

One thing many long-time wrestling fans have noted about Bron Breakker is that for some reason WWE does not acknowledge that he is a Steiner. They allude to it, but never outright say it.

WWE has treated other second-generation Superstars similarly in the past. It's not quite clear why they do this.

"WWE, they do weird things all the time," the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer attempted to explain. "This guy comes out in a singlet like Rick Steiner and a haircut like Rick Steiner, looks like the son of Rick Steiner, and they never say, 'second-generation wrestler.' They never bring up Rick Steiner, they never bring up Scott Steiner."

Perhaps when Bron Breakker is on the main roster, his Steiner relatives will be acknowledged but until then, he'll be known only as Bron Breakker.