Stassie Karanikolaou In Bikini Revels In Life On A Boat

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Chisom Ndianefo

Bikini, open sea, family, and an unexpected sea animal, Anastasia Karanikolaou, a.k.a. Stassie Baby, is “happier than ever” living the yacht life. The 24-year-old shared moments from her boat living with 10. 7 million Instagram followers, showing different angles of her figure-8 body.

The first slide features a portrait shot of the young model in a bikini and some accessories. The bikini bottom is a thin strap high-waist triangular design, while the bra is a strapless tube, and she wears a waist chain and some bracelets on each hand.

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All Angles Looking Sexy

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In the next post, Stassie displays her back view showing off her thong-clad butt and breeze-blown long brown hair that reaches her waist. She supports her weight with the boat’s railing as she takes in the sights of a sea animal (we can’t tell, because only its tail features).

Stassie smiles in her side-profile shot displaying her left rib cage flower tattoo. She sits on the deck, still supporting her weight with the yacht’s railings, as she looks back at the photographer. Stassie lets her hair down in the center part.


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The 24-year-old influencer has a shot of Vodka to get the party started in this slide. She posts another portrait picture but zooms it closer to display her hip tattoo while expertly plugging in the alcohol brand via photo tag. The sunset bounces off her skin as she beams into the camera.

Tanning on the beach is cool but have you tried it on a yacht? Stassie cools off her Vodka break by lying belly down on a red mat. This pose shows off her perfectly rounded bum and smooth sunkissed skin.

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Happier Than Ever

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The young influencer is genuinely happier than ever as she gets a few laughs between snaps with her friend. She angles her body in a way that flaunts her flat abs and ample bosoms.

Although she covers her eyes and hair with a green and white face cap, her mouth is open in laughter. You can see another collar bone tattoo similar to her hip ink style when you zoom in closer.

Mission Accomplished

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In case you didn’t see the butt clearly in the tanning shot, Stassie posts a close-up in the last slide. She leans slightly on the ship’s folded sail as her hair flows freely in the wind. The tanning time worked out because her light skin had a medium-toned bronze hue.