Mike McCarthy Opens Up On His Future With The Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys' surprising season came to an early end again. They're now the only team in the NFL to make the playoffs and fail to reach the Conference Championship Game eleven straight times.

Some claim the team overachieved all season long and that it was only a matter of time before Mike McCarthy's well-documented playoff woes showed up again.

And, to the fans' misfortune, they weren't wrong. Once again, McCarthy's playcalling and clock management cost his team big time when it mattered the most.

Stephen Jones Says The Cowboys Will Keep McCarthy

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Even so, and despite the never-ending doubts about McCarthy, Cowboys EVP Stephen Jones has full confidence in his ability to lead the team to a championship.

When asked about whether his future with the franchise was in jeopardy, the executive shut down that narrative right away:

"Absolutely. Very confident," Jones said in a recent interview with 103.5 The Fan. "I don't even want to discuss anything like that at this particular time. That's not on the table. The game speaks for itself."

Mike McCarthy Understands The Doubters

McCarthy knows why people thought he should be on the hot seat. He understands that it comes with the responsibility of being the HC of the Dallas Cowboys.

Nonetheless, he's not bothered or worried about those narratives at all:

"I think for people in this profession, it's accepted," McCarthy said, per ESPN. "It's part of the job. I get that. I understand why you're asking the question. It's part of the job. (...) But, yeah, I don't put a lot into it because I know personally what I put into this."

McCarthy Says He Knows How To Win

McCarthy's postseason struggles and unimpressive 10-9 playoff record has always been a stain on his résumé. Even so, he's still a Super Bowl-winning coach and wants to be seen and respected as such:

"I understand what goes on here every day. I know how to win. I know how to win in this league. I know how to win playoff games. I know how to win a championship. So I have great confidence in that," the former Packers coach told the media.

The Cowboys' Coaching Staff Could Go Through Major Changes

The Dallas Cowboys are likely to lose both Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn to head coaching positions next season.

Still, McCarthy has full confidence in the team's ability to find the best people available to fill that void and help them going forward:

"No. 1, I trust our personnel process," McCarthy said. "I think the collaboration [with the personnel department], just what we did last year to this year, I mean, my goodness. [...] I have the same confidence that we'll do that moving forward. Now, it's going to be a challenge; I know you can't keep everybody, but [for] every team, that's the era that we're in."

McCarthy signed a five-year deal before the start of last season and it seems like he's not going anywhere, at least for the time being.