NFL Shares More Disturbing Details About Jon Gruden's Offensive Mails

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Right in the middle of a key season, the Las Vegas Raiders were forced to part ways with Jon Gruden.

Gruden was caught in the middle of an investigation about the Washington Football Team's toxic workplace culture, with some leaked emails showing homophobic, racist, and misogynistic slurs and behavior throughout the years.

The NFL condemned those actions and the team had no choice but to let him go despite his close friendship with owner Mark Davis. However, that was far from the end of the story.

Gruden Sued The NFL Over His Firing

Gruden refused to go down and decided to stir the pot even more.

He sued the NFL with allegations of a personal prosecution by Commissioner Robert Goodell, stating that he wanted to destroy his career after he found out he made some homophobic comments about him:

"The complaint alleges that the defendants selectively leaked Gruden's private correspondence to the Wall Street Journal and New York Times in order to harm Gruden's reputation and force him out of his job," Gruden's attorney Adam Hosmer-Henner said, as quoted by CNN.

Gruden Sent Offensive Mails To At Least Six People

Now, the league has filed a petition to dismiss the lawsuit, proving that the former coach sent those deplorable emails to at least six people over seven years:

“Gruden sent a variety of similarly abhorrent emails to a half dozen recipients over a seven-year period, in which he denounced `the emergence of women as referees,’ and frequently used homophobic and sexist slurs to refer to Commissioner Goodell, then-Vice President Joseph Biden, a gay professional football player drafted in 2014, and others,” the NFL wrote, per The Athletic.

NFL Denies Leaking The E-Mails

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The league has denied those accusations by stating that leaking those emails would only hurt their image:

“The crux of Gruden’s Complaint is that somehow the NFL or the Commissioner `leaked’ his non-confidential emails (which were already sitting in the hands of Gruden’s many recipients and as to which Gruden had no colorable expectation of privacy) to, for some inexplicable reason, destroy his career and ruin his reputation, despite the fact that the emails precipitated numerous media stories critical of the League, and also negatively impacted the League and the Raiders in the middle of the football season,” the statement read, adding that it “would have and could have permitted the Commissioner himself to sanction and fire Gruden. Indeed, it would be hard to imagine conduct more detrimental to football than the use by a football coach of a racist trope to describe the leader of NFL Players Association.”

Raiders Vet Lauds Ray Bisaccia, Rips Jon Gruden

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Gruden has now become an infamous figure around the league and some Raiders players feel like his firing was a blessing in disguise.

In fact, a team veteran recently stated that he wouldn't have been there for them like interim coach Ray Bisaccia was:

“We didn’t have Gruden grinding us late in the year,” one Raiders veteran told Bally Sports. “Gruden would kill us, and we would fall apart. The reason this team played so well down the stretch is that Rich listened to the players and took it easy over the back half of the season.”

Now, it'll be up to the organization to keep Bisaccia for next season or hire another coach.