Priyanka Chopra In Bathing Suit Celebrates ‘Day Off’

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The best part about working hard is the time you take off to recoup your lost energy, and nobody knows that better than entertainers. Priyanka Chopra enjoys her ‘day off’ at sea with family and friends. The actress was gracious enough to share some of her private moments on the gram, showing off her beautiful body in bright bathing suits and an even brighter smile; swiping through the slideshow, Priyanka nests some gems mid-post. Keep reading to find out what surprises lie within.

Bright Yellow

The cover photo features the 39-year-old actress in a bright yellow tube maillot and ivory hat. She snaps the picture on deck and leans against the boat’s railings as she soaks up the open sea’s sun rays. The actress curls her toes, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her protected face hidden behind a white-rimmed sunshade. The breeze blows her long brown hair, showing a lighter highlight under the sunlight.

In slide two, Priyanka takes time to cool off the sunrays by soaking in the sea. Her skin gleams as an effect of the sunlight hitting her moistened body. The Matrix: Resurrections actress beams up at the camera, capturing the moment above. She holds on to the boat’s deck for support as she prepares to climb back aboard.

Back From The Deep

Priyanka, who is married to singer Joe Jonas, wears a white floral Kimono over her yellow one-piece swimsuit as she climbs aboard the boat. She is still wearing a protective gold-rimmed burgundy sunshade (wise choice) as she smiles wide at the photographer. In this shot, she ditches the ivory hat and allows her brown hair to flow in the ocean’s breeze.

You can tell the former beauty queen takes her skin care seriously. That explains why she still looks flawless at almost 40.

Mommy’s Girl

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A surprise guest at the mini-vacay is Priyanka’s mother Dr. Madhu Chopra. They say a child is never too old to their parents, and we can see that in this post. The mom and daughter duo hold hands – Dr. Madhu stretches backward while her daughter leans forward to catch her outstretched hands.

Seated beneath the lounge chair is the family’s dog, Diana who has a whopping 163,000 Instagram followers! In the next slide, we get a clearer view of Diana and the dog mom. Wrapping a towel over her soaked body, Priyanka cuddles her pet lovingly.

Red Hot

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If you thought the little slide show was over, you have another thing coming. Priyanka switches up her look to a fiery red two-piece bandeau bikini. She still wears her floral kimono over the smoking bathing suit but can’t hide her beautiful body.

Every part sits right as she leans slightly against the railings to soak up the last of the sunrays on her “Perfect Day-Off.”