Kim Kardashian In Bikini Celebrates ‘Mother Nature’

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Kim Kardashian has had an eventful weekend from celebrating her third child Chicago’s fourth birthday to estranged husband Kanye West alleging she hid her new address from him to prevent him from seeing their child. She’s, however, keeping a calm demeanor as she celebrates mother nature in a bikini on the beach.

Mother Nature

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Kim poses on the beach in a two-piece ivory-colored swimsuit. The bra is a triangular cut showing ample cleavage while the pant is held together by two strings. In the first slide, the SKIMS founder stands as she stretches her hands above her brows, giving fans a full display of her toned abs.

Slide two is more fun as Kim kneels in the sand, allowing the ocean to pool at her thighs while she smiles up to the heavens. However, the final picture woke the sleeping detectives amongst her 280 million Instagram followers.

Was Pete Davidson There?

Picture three captures a shadow of the photographer which looked a lot like her alleged boyfriend Pete Davidson. Yes, Insta fans can recognize a person from a head silhouette, or so we’ve learned. There’s no concrete proof that he was indeed the cameraman, but fans speculate the picture is from her tryst in the Bahamas.

The mother of four had gone on a romantic getaway with Davidson right after his NBC New Year’s Eve Party with Miley Cyrus. Paparazzi caught the couple boarding a private plane after the event even though Kim didn’t attend.

Detectives At Work

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Before we get into the amateur detectives, you should know Pete Davidson doesn’t have an official Instagram account. That makes it difficult for fans who want to know every detail of his situation with Kim K because the business mogul hardly gives them anything (except for this shadow.) Now, back to the matter at hand – the comment section is in shatters, and no, we’re not talking about the verified followers!

One user wrote, “the shadow is Pete; we all agree, right?” Another said, “Tell Pete to not get a shadow next time.” More comments go, “Ok, shadow, we see u, lol.” “Me zooming in to see if that is Pete.” “Kim, is that Mr. Pete Davidson’s shadow?” “Did Pete take this? Lol.” The questions are endless.

New Skims

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While the fans are running around for gossip, Kim’s busy building her empire. She recently dropped a Skims capsule collection with Team USA for the Olympics, and faux leather set for the baddies. Kim is once more teasing a new collection Outdoors for the outdoorsy ladies and gents who love playing in the wild. The new set would drop in two days – Jan. 20.