Kelly Ripa Asks Instagram For Help Finding Dog Groomer

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Host, Wife, Mom, and now Friend, Kelly Ripa answers many names, but today, we're looking closely at her friendly side. On Saturday, she reached out to her 3 million Instagram followers for help on behalf of two friends. Kelly took time from posting cute pictures with her husband and family to help her chums, and the recipients of this generous act would surprise you.

Chewie And Lena

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You probably never knew two members of the Ripa-Consuelos family are Chewie and Lena. Lena, a rescue dog, is a Maltese-Shih Tzu mix, while Chewie is a rescue pooch. Although the latter has been a family member longer than the former who joined last March after appearing on Kelly's show Live, they've bonded in the past year.

During her adoption announcement, Kelly expressed concern over their possible disagreement, "My whole fear was that I didn't want Chewie to feel replaced in any way." She didn't need the stress because Chewie and Lena got along perfectly as she learned along the line. Check out their pictures and videos below.

A Most Friendly Pair

Chewie and Lena have a really good relationship. When Kelly took the Maltese-Shih Tzu mix home to meet the Pooch, they hit it off right of the bat. Chewie would check on the new pup in her crate and sometimes nuzzle her to make her feel welcomed. Kelly shared some of their adorable moments on her feed to express her pride.

Chewie and Lena pose in the request post while lying on their bellies and looking up imploringly at the camera. They have a pink chewie toy shaped like a dog bone between them also.

Search For Groomers

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"Does anyone know a dog groomer in the Ann Arbor area? Asking for two friends…," Kelly wrote alongside a picture of the dogs. The four-legged friends grew their fur over the holidays, and the 51-year-old host is looking for a professional groomer to trim them.

Because she cares for her pets, Kelly reaches out to her followers but limits the comments to people she follows so only actual friends can lend advice. That's a smart choice considering she has 3 million followers, and it'd be hard to sift through that amount of info.

The Dynamic Duo

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Before the dynamic duo loses their furs, let's reminisce on some furry holiday moments like when they posed under the Christmas tree. Chewie and Lena wore matching ugly sweaters for the Ripa-Consuelos' Christmas card; even Kelly commended their behavior because they made her job easy.