Sydney Sweeney Reveals The Scariest Scene Of 'Euphoria'

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Lindsay Cronin

Sydney Sweeney recently spoke to ELLE Australia. And during the 24-year-old actress' interview, she opened up about the Euphoria scene she was most nervous to film.

“The carousel [from Euphoria season one], I’ve never done anything like that before,” Sweeney shared, according to a report from Showbiz Cheat Sheet on January 16.

As fans will recall, Sweeney was seen getting aroused on a carousel ride with a boy from her school after taking molly.

Not surprisingly, this scene required quite a bit of vulnerability.

Sydney Sweeney Likes Being Challenged At Work

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Looking back at the filming of the scene, Sweeney admitted she likes being challenged by her work and said she finds it to be quite a rewarding experience.

“If it’s challenging and something that I haven’t experienced or might scare me a little bit then I want to do it, because if this isn’t challenging then it wouldn’t be fun,” she explained.

While Sweeney wasn't physically touching any of her co-stars during the scene in question, she has taken part in plenty of scenes that require such thing.

'Euphoria' Has An Intimacy Coordinator On Set

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Although Sweeney has certainly run into some challenges while filming intimate scenes for Euphoria with her cast members, she made it clear to ELLE Austria that she always feels safe during production.

According to Showbiz Cheet Sheet, this is due, at least in part, to the set's intimacy coordinator, who is always on-hand during the filming of these type of scenes.

The outlet also noted that the coordinator choreographs all of the intimate scenes, even when it comes to scenes involving co-stars kissing.

Sydney Sweeney Says Intimacy Coordinator Adds 'Comfort'

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"It adds another level of comfort (and they have a lot of mints and gum),” Sweeney revealed about Euphoria’s intimacy coordinator. “I’m really lucky because all my castmates are so kind and Sam [Levinson] is amazing. It’s a very safe and incredible environment to do such scenes in and having the intimacy coordinator adds another level of ‘I feel OK, I feel safe and this is for my character.’”

Jacob Elordi, Sweeney's co-star, echoed similar sentiments to the magazine during his own interview.

Jacob Elordi Says Working With Intimacy Coordinator Is A 'Treat'

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"We've had one now for two seasons, and I think the job is so new that the more shows that are made, the more intimacy coordinators are used and the more specific their jobs become," Elordi explained. "In the first season, I kind of struggled with it because I thought it killed the spontaneity of the scene and it was a little bit hands-on, but working with her this season was such a treat. It was delightful, she was so helpful and so caring. She was there for the actor and it made the scenes just like playing any regular moment — she saved the day."