Bob Saget Recreates A Dramatic ‘Full House’ Scene On ‘Conan’

For seven years Bob Saget played squeaky clean, and incredibly neurotic single dad Danny Tanner on the TGIF sitcom Full House. On Thursday, Saget reprised his 90s role briefly on an episode of Conan. During his appearance on Conan, Bob read lines from a particular episode that involved a story arc where Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos, left the Tanner household after going through a difficult time.

During the original rehearsal time for the episode, the moment where Danny Tanner reads Jesse’s note to his girls proved to be too hilarious for Saget to read through at the time. What was supposed to be an emotional climax for the episode proved to be too ironic, and too cheesy, that Saget couldn’t get through the “tender” moment without cracking up. So Conan challenged him to a reenactment of the scene to see if Saget could get through reading his lines without laughing.

Saget as Danny Tanner, and Conan as both DJ and Stephanie Tanner, the two ran through the lines a few times on the show. Without fail, even years later the lines were too much for Saget to handle, and the comedian ended up laughing during each run through. Saget finally got through the dialogue when he put his own brand of comedy on the corny lines, complete with expletives for a roaring audience.

This isn’t the first time Bob Saget has taken the cheesy nature of his sitcom past up to task. Saget is known to have made fun of his Full House past during different stand up routines, and also endured a roast in his honor that poked fun at the show. Speaking out in 2005, Saget even alluded to the apparent homosexual undertones the family show took on for some audience members.

“When I was doing it, people would go, ‘Oh, your character’s gay, right?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know-I don’t think so. I have a girlfriend.’ But they’d go, ‘He’s gay, right?'”

Since then Saget has gone on to do many stand up shows, and has appeared on a few episodes of Entourage as sexually-charged version of himself. Of course, we can’t forget that he’s the voice of future Ted on How I Met Your Mother.

Could you get through Bob Saget’s Full House lines? Check out the video below.