Isla Fisher's New Dramedy 'Wolf Like Me' Will Shock And Surprise People

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Isla Fisher stars in a not-so-typical love story that is both chaotic and relatable.

In a new original series created and directed by Abe Forsythe, Fisher is paired alongside funny guy Josh Gad to bring a "genre-bending" quirky romance for viewers.

The six-part dramedy series premiered on Thursday, January 13 on Peacock and was well-received by the public, getting a 7.2 rating on IMDb.

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Isla Fisher Plays A Werewolf

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The new series follows Mary, played by Fisher, and Gary, played by Gad, who are both dealing with personal baggage. The two cross each other's paths in a road accident and hilarity and love ensues.

Gary is a widower, who is struggling to raise a young daughter. Mary's secret, on the other hand, is much darker. She is a werewolf, which makes it hard for her to open up to love.


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Strange But Relatable


Albeit a strange concept, the cast promises the love story is still endearing and relatable.

In an interview, Fisher shared what attracted her to the role.

"I thought, this is this genre-bending concept on the outside, but on the inside it's about the healing properties about love and openness," she started.

"It's about how these damaged people connect. It's a quite emotionally honest look at romance and how scary it is to make yourself vulnerable to another person, so I think that's what I was just gripped on with the story."

"Unlike Anything I've Ever Read"


Gad also praised the originality of the script in a separate interview with People.

"It's unlike anything I've ever read," Gad said.

"I think that they both fill an essential need that they're missing," he continued. "I think that they both understand each other because each of them is dealing with a crisis that is equally complex in a different way, and they have been living with that crisis alone, unable to speak to anyone, unable to talk it through, unable to find catharsis outside of the usual little sort of methods."

It's Going To Shock And Surprise


Giving insight to what viewers can expect, creator Forsythe shared that the show will both "shock and surprise" people.

"I'd love for audiences to go into watching the series not knowing where it's going or what gets revealed as the show progresses because I think if that happens, then it's going to shock and surprise people. You get to the end of every episode and there's a reason that you have to keep watching."

Watch the trailer of Wolf Like Me below: