Madonna Reveals Bruised Thighs In Versace Home Wear

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Whereas many people hide their bruises for fear of shame and insult, Madonna turns her lemons into lemonade by flaunting them in a provocative pose. The 63-year-old knows a thing or two about getting back up when life knocks you down. As the past year ended, she spoke about being a survivor through its ups and downs, and now she's reminding her 17 million-plus Instagram fans that she's never backing down.

'Fashionably' Bruised

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Madonna displays her bruised thigh clad in a silk Versace day wear in a series of provocative poses – there's no reason one can't look good through the pain! The neutral-toned shift dress was custom-made for the pop Queen as it carries a bold inscription of her moniker - Madame X on the back above the Versace's head. It caresses her body subtly, giving her a relaxed outlook despite the busy week she's had.

Madonna hikes her left leg on an armchair showing her black knee-high socks, metallic pumps, and "fashionable" bruise. No one knows how she got the red mark that draws a line from her hips to her mid-thigh region.

Coming For You

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In another slide, she forms her hands in a shooting position as though hitting back at the cause of the bruise – Life. The Like A Prayer singer wrote, "Life has beaten me up! Do you think I give a F**k? Only the Devil cares." From her caption, we can see that Madonna remains unbothered about critics and their opinions on her behavior.

To further emphasize her disregard for societal standards, Madame X spreads her legs to display her black underpants in a monochrome picture. She also lifts her left leg to show her famous flexibility despite her age - Madonna has always defied ageism rules and standards. That's one way to make a statement!

Accessorized To The Nines

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Speaking of making a statement, let' talk accessories. Madonna's accompanying accessories are bohemian, bold, and playful. She wears a multilayered necklace with beads and significant designs from smiley stars to crucifixes. Also, the Grammy award winner braids her blond hair with brown highlights as the pigtails fall with the beads on a black rose embroidered lace bra.

Every detail is meticulous as her multiple beaded bracelets compliment her neckpiece.

Having The Time Of Her Life

The Four Minutes singer recently partied with Grammy award-winning rapper Kanye West, UFC champion Floyd Mayweather, American football star Antonio Brown and others at a private party. She busts some moves to Drake defying anyone who thinks women should retreat to their shell at 40 to challenge her. Like she said, "Do you think I [she] give a F**k?" We think not!