Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney Lists Four New Year's Resolutions

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In a new Dazed commercial, titled Making Your Own Good Luck, Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney gives her 4.6 million Instagram followers priceless tips on how to conquer the New Year. According to the actress, many people relive the same boring life cycle every year until death. To avoid falling into that depressive hole, she lists four ways to improve your lifestyle and reinvent yourself. It’s a good thing we’re only two weeks into the new year because there are 50 more weeks to change your life for the better.

She partners with fashion clothing line Tory Burch for the short video. Here are the four tips according to Good Luck Trainer Sydney.

Leave Your Baggage In The Last Year

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The worst way to start a new year is with old drama and baggage, so leave it in the past. Sydney says, “any manner of trash talk, self-doubt, shady rumors, and generally toxic vibes are not invited with you into the new year.” She advises fans to release all that negativity and show an example by venting on the phone to an unknown caller. Once you release the tension, you’re ready for the next step.

Pick Up A New Hobby

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“Do something [healthy] you’ve never done before,” she says while exercising on a stationary bike. Sydney gives more straightforward tips like – “Exude your power,” “Wake up early,” and “Stay hydrated.” Health gurus recommend drinking at least eight cups of water daily, so our make-shift health adviser isn’t off the mark.

Also, picking up new healthy hobbies can help dispel old bad habits. They keep you occupied in a good way leaving no room for misbehaviors.

Plant A Garden

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The Euphoria actress encourages viewers to learn cultures of other countries worldwide. She also gives a quick geography lesson where Danish people break plates to symbolize parting with old habits, Spaniards eat grapes for good luck, Chinese plant Orchids for good fortune, and Russians plant trees on New Year’s Day.

Read More

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“Books are precious and expand the mind and help you reach new heights,” the 24-year-old says. First, Sydney lays in a fancy bathtub reading a book Good Luck for Beginners then stacks multiple copies to a ceiling height as she delivers the final tip.

While the 2 minutes plus video is quirky and promotional, every piece of information is relevant and true. Forgiveness helps you move on and heal. New healthy hobbies break bad ones, learning about cultures makes you learn acceptance and tolerance, and reading does expand your horizon.