Surprise Entrants Announced For The 2022 Women's Royal Rumble

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Last week on Smackdown, WWE shocked many fans by announcing several names for the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble. Included in the list were several legends from the past and names not currently signed to the promotion. Amongst those included were Impact Knockouts World Champion Mickie James, who had been released from WWE in April of 2021.

According to reports, however, WWE did not release the names of every returning name expected to be in the Royal Rumble. Two other names have recently been revealed as returning in the match as well. Scroll down to reveal who they are.

Melina Expected To Return At The Royal Rumble

According to a report from PW Insider, Melina is expected to take part in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble. The 42-year-old was released from the company in 2011, although she has occasionally make sporadic appearances since then.

In recent years, Melina has gotten back into wrestling. She's been performing for Billy Corgan's National Wrestling Alliance and recently for Impact Wrestling as well. Time will tell if her 2022 Royal Rumble appearance is just a one-off appearance or not.

*Scroll down to reveal the other recently revealed name to take part in the Women's Royal Rumble. *


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Cameron Expected To Return In The 2022 Women's Royal Rumble

Ariane Andrew is better known to wrestling fans as Cameron, formerly one-half of the Funkadactyls along with Naomi. She was with WWE from 2011 to 2016 but is expected to take part in the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match.

Cameron wrestled one match with AEW in 2020 when she teamed up with Nyla Rose in the Women's Tag Team Cup. They were eliminated in the first round.

WWE usually doesn't announce what surprise entrants are going to happen in the Rumble but they did announce several names this year. Scroll down to reveal why they did so.

WWE Wants To Boost Ticket Sales To The Royal Rumble

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According to a report from Fightful, the reason WWE announced several of their "surprise" entrants for the Rumble this year is to help boost ticket sales to the event. The idea is that announcing that names such as Lita and Mickie James will be in the Rumble will create a buzz amongst fans and encourage more folks to purchase tickets to the event.

The 2022 Women's Royal Rumble match is shaping up to be one of the most interesting in recent memory. Scroll down to reveal the complete list of wrestlers announced for the match thus far.

List Of Women Announced For The 2022 Royal Rumble

Below are the names that have been officially announced for the Women's Royal Rumble match in 2022.

Mickie James, Lita, Michelle McCool, Natalya, Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Tamina, Naomi, Nikki ASH, Queen Zelina, Summer Rae, Charlotte Flair, Aliyah, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley, and Shotzi.

That leaves 11 names not announced yet for the Rumble. Reportedly, Melina and Cameron will be two of those 11, leaving nine names left. There is still then plenty of room for surprises during the match. There are numerous legends that could be brought in such as Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Victoria, and if we are all lucky, Ronda Rousey.