Joe Judge Fired: Best Candidates To Be Coach The New York Giants

Ernesto Cova

Well, it's finally over. After two years of controversies, poor results, and some of the worst offensive displays in NFL history, the New York Giants have parted ways with Joe Judge.

Judge was yet another victim of the Giants' revolving door of coaches but did little to help his case with his poor play-calling and attitude.

Now, the team will need to dig deep in the market to find not only a new coach but also a new GM.

Here, we'll take a look at the best candidates they should consider for the job.

4. Kellen Moore

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Kellen Moore has already made a name for himself around the league in little-to-no time.

He's been one of the main reasons why the Dallas Cowboys have had one of the most explosive and balanced offenses in the league over the past couple of seasons, and he's expected to gauge a lot of interest in the offseason.

The only issue with him is his age. At just 33 years old, he may not inspire the respect and discipline the Giants' troubling locker room need right now.

3. Doug Pederson

The Philadelphia Eagles fired Doug Pederson after a losing season even though he led them to a Super Bowl win not so long ago.

Pederson is one of the best available coaches in the NFL right now, not only because of his proven experience and success but also because you don't see a Super Bowl-winning coach being a free agent that often.

He knows the division inside out and would finally give this everstruggling franchise some direction on and off the gridiron.

2. Brian Flores

The Miami Dolphins made a huge mistake by letting Brian Flores go.

He's responsible for 2 of the 3 winning seasons they've had in quite some time and he orchestrated one of the best defensive units in the league.

Flores' conservative offense often put the Dolphins in a tough spot but there's only so much he could do with Tua Tagovailoa as his starting quarterback.

He could turn the Giants' good defense into one of the league's finest but they'll face a lot of competition for his services.

1. Brian Daboll

And last but not least, we find lifelong assistant Brian Daboll.

It's been long enough since Daboll has been around and he's earned his stripes and his opportunity already.

Also, Daniel Jones has a similar skill set to Josh Allen (although far less talent), which is why he's the perfect guy to orchestrate an offensive plan around him.

Simply put, if Daboll can't make Jones a somewhat decent QB, then there's no point in continuing to ride with him and he's just unfixable.