Otis & Chad Gable Win The RAW Tag Team Championships

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Chris Woolridge

New RAW tag team champions were crowned this week on WWE RAW. Chad Gable and Otis (The Alpha Academy) defeated the team of Riddle and Randy Orton (RK-Bro) to win the belts.

This was the 2nd week in a row that Alpha Academy defeated RK-Bro after having won a non-title match against them last week as well.

The two losses in a row are a blow for Orton and Riddle and come after some dissension was shown between the teammates backstage earlier in the show. Scroll down to learn more about Riddle and Orton's team possibly being in turmoil.

Randy Orton & Riddle Team Breaking Up?

Last week on RAW, Riddle was pinned by Otis leading to this week's championship match. Before Monday's title clash, a segment with Orton and Riddle talking strategy in the back aired. In that segment, Orton wrote instructions on Riddle's hands that simply read "Tag in Randy." It appears Orton wasn't too pleased with Riddle not tagging him in last week.

Now that Orton and Riddle have lost the titles, one has to wonder how much longer they will continue to team together. Scroll down to learn more.

Randy Orton vs Riddle At WrestleMania?

If Orton and Riddle don't recapture the belts, it seems likely they would stop being a tag team soon. If that happens, look for them to potentially feud with each other. This would require one team member, likely Orton, to turn on the other one and go "heel" in the process.

All of this could be leading to a Randy Orton vs Riddle match at WrestleMania. Only time will tell.

For the Alpha Academy, this is the biggest win they've had. Scroll down to learn more.

Alpha Academy Win The RAW Tag Team Championships

For tag-team specialist Chad Gable, this is his fourth time capturing gold in WWE. His American Alpha team with Jason Jordan captured the NXT tag-team Championships and the Smackdown tag-team championships. Gable and Bobby Roode also once won the RAW tag-team titles.

For Otis, this was his first-ever championship in WWE. Although, he also won the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2020. He would never get to cash it in, however, and eventually lost it to The Miz.

In the nearly 20-year history of these titles, 67 teams have held them. Scroll down to learn more statistics about the RAW tag team titles.

RAW Tag Team Title Statistics

When Chad Gable and Otis defeated Riddle and Randy Orton on RAW this week, it was the 87th time these titles have changed hands. Alpha Academy is the 67th team to win the belts.

No team has held the belts for more combined days than the New Day. They've held the belts for 627 days split amongst 4 title reigns. Paul London and Brian Kendrick are 2nd on that list with 334 days spent with the belts all in one title reign. Alpha Academy has a long way to go before they are in that conversation.