Selena Gomez Rocks A Neck-Length Bob For Hotel Transylvania Press Day

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We’ve journeyed with Selena Gomez and the Hotel Transylvania cast for three chapters, and now the team is closing the curtains in a final fourth installation. When ever a new filmed is released, the singer and actress joins her castmates for media runs as is customary for actors. Her sharp bob cut replacing her signature long brown hair, is fresh like the New Year.

Scroll to see the photo of the new haircut, and what Gomez had to say about prioritizing mental health in the workplace.

Hotel Transylvania Journey

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Who knew we could give our hearts willing away to a vampire? Well, there’s almost nothing we wouldn’t do for Gomez, and the actress captured our hearts as a vampire in the animated film Hotel Transylvania. From falling in love with a human in 2012, birthing a half-human child in 2015, going on a family vacation in 2018, and now dealing with Transformations in 2022.

In this final installment, Gomez as Mavis would deal with her husband and family transforming into opposites – Jonathan to a monster and Dracula to a human. We can’t wait to watch the quirkiness of it all.

All Grown Up

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This year, Gomez is turning 30, and the Texas native is getting ready for the big 3-0. Her uneven bob cut frames her round face perfectly, giving her a more mature appearance as she looks ready to take on the media. She wears minimal Rare Beauty makeup to keep her get-up modest and sharp. From the half-shot, you can see her ample cleavage peeking through the deep-V of her neckline.

She has cutesy satin bows on the sleeveless top that tells us she’s still got some funk. Gomez’s selfie is refreshing as she wears only a gold hoop earring to accessorize.

Open Letter To Rare Beauty Team

Gomez penned an open letter in The New York Times to the team on her baby business Rare Beauty (a makeup brand,) thanking them for their dedication over the past year. In her letter, she said, “My goal for Rare Beauty was to launch a brand that helped shape the dialogue the dialogue around the beauty of self-acceptance and embracing your uniqueness.” Gomez called it “something that’s been desperately needed in the beauty space.”

She further thanked them for making an impact through the Rare Impact Fund arm of the brand established to “deliver mental health resources to undeserved areas.” Gomez went on to also thank them for “developing an amazing line of vegan, cruelty-free products” according to her moral beliefs.

Prioritizing Mental Health In The Workplace

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Having dealt with some mental health issues as a celebrity in the spotlight, as many in Hollywood do, Gomez's Rare Beauty brand prioritizes mental health in the workplace. She mentioned that the team worked with the "National Alliance on Mental Health to certify [the] company StigmaFree, creating a culture of openness, acceptance, and understanding about our overall health and wellbeing."

Selena concluded by telling her staff she wanted to promote their accomplishments on a national platform, hence the TNYP open letter.