'Euphoria' Season 1 Details To Remember Before Watching The Season 2 Premiere

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Zendaya and the gang are back for another season of gritty teen drama Euphoria. The long wait is over and fans can finally see how the show resolves all the drama that happened in season one.

It's been over a year since the finale aired and you might find it hard to recall the important plot points.

Well, here's your chance to refresh your memory. We've listed out some of the significant finale moments below so you'd be ready to dive into the next season.

Rue and Jules Separate

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At the end of the first season, Rue and Jules' relationship was quite literally at a crossroads.

Their spontaneous great escape ends in separation. Jules boards the train while Rue was seen left behind and heartbroken.

The stressful events proved to be too much for Rue, who found herself relapsing after three months of sobriety. The audience was treated to a hypnotic, dark dance that featured Rue breaking down, set to the tune of "All of Us", an original song by Zendaya.


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Nate's Meltdown

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Nate also had a hard time in the finale and has started to confront his issues with his dad.

After a major fight with Maddy, who talks to Nate about his sexuality, Nate becomes enraged and violently threatens his girlfriend.

After the fight, Nate takes out his aggression on the football field and wins the game. However, his father wasn't impressed and berates him afterward. The two face off at home in a tense scene that had Nate crying and beating himself on the floor.

Cassie Aborts Her Baby

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Cassie, played by the lovely Sydney Sweeney, finally made a decision to have her unplanned baby aborted. While the decision weighed hard on her, and boyfriend McKay was nowhere around, Cassie found comfort in her mother and sister.

During the school dance, she tells her friends that she plans on being single for the next years to focus on herself.

This plan might not last long, however, as it was hinted in the season 2 trailer that Cassie and Nate might be hooking up in the upcoming episodes.

Is Fez Alive?

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One of the most exciting cliffhangers of the season 1 finale was Fez's fate.

The kind-hearted drug dealer was reported to the cops by Nate, which led to him and his brother flushing their drug supply. Because of the amount he owed to his boss Mouse, Fez was forced to beat up and rob a doctor who had tons of drugs to give.

Fez finally got to pay the money he owed with blood-stained cash but Mouse confronted him with a gun in hand.

Euphoria season 2 will start streaming on HBO Max on January 9.