Mikaela Shiffrin Highlights Olympian Abs In Skimpy Spandex

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Rebecca Cukier

Alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin doesn't come with many opportunities to showcase the muscle behind her glittering career. All bundled up for the majority of her performance appearances, the 2x Olympic and 6 x World champion spends much of her life in her trusty skiwear, although one photo on her Instagram has bucked the trend.

Shiffrin shared a post late last year as part of a partnership with sound giant Bose, and it was abs out for the blonde as she delighted her followers.

Rock-Hard Abs

Shutterstock | 842245

Scroll for the photo. It came studio-shot and very glossy, with the 26-year-old seen in tan leggings with black piping, plus a black sports bra - slight mesh detailing here went sheer. Shiffrin also sported a loose and sport-casual open jacket in beige and black, with the flawless look big-time showing off her steely-strong abs.

Of course, a little Bose merch was visible as Shiffrin said she was "walking into the weekend like...My favorite headphones now come in a new color! Check out the limited-edition sandstone." More after the snap.

Eats 3,000 Calories A Day

While the average woman needs 2,000 calories per day, Shiffrin - who basically burns everything off as soon as she begins training - is in need of more. The muscle machine has revealed her diet is carb-heavy. She told Good Housekeeping:

"They're essential in providing the energy I need, especially on race days that can last 12 hours. I wouldn't eat a 1,000-calorie bowl of spaghetti for dinner, but I've always loved pasta and think it's a good addition to any meal and a great base for pretty much any vegetable."

Reveals Her Superfood

Possibly surprising fans, Shiffrin didn't list typical superfoods such as avocado, salmon, or nuts as she semi-joked: "Pasta is my superfood!" The Colorado native continued: "Balance and moderation are the basis for my diet, though, so I also make sure to incorporate plenty of protein, fruits, and veggies throughout the day."

Shiffrin is, of course, in the news of late for having suffered from COVID, although she was back on the slopes to return for the World Cup. Skip the jump for more.

A Healthy Start To The Day

Mikaela further fuels her energetic days with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. The star, who offered GH quite the break-down amid that pasta talk, stated: "I'll do two eggs and two pieces of whole-wheat toast and sometimes, cereal or oatmeal and fruit," adding: "I rely on breakfast to give me a kickstart of energy in the morning, so I choose my foods accordingly."

Mikaela's Insta is largely filled with content right from the slopes, but the star did make headlines recently for her upside-down swimsuit moment.